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3D Object : Rubik`s Cube Game




Instant Download YES
SKU 11078
File Size .zip 88 MB
Textures YES ( 1 )
3D Format Included BLEND + OBJ + FBX + STL + GLB
Objects 27/27
Vertices 756,918
Edges 1,513,728
Faces 756,864
Triangles 1,513,728
License Royalty Free License


Introducing the Rubik’s Cube Game 3D Design – Your Gateway to Endless Puzzle Fun!

Are you ready to take your gaming and educational projects to the next level? Look no further! We are thrilled to present to you our meticulously crafted 3D design of the Rubik’s Cube Game. This 3D masterpiece is ready for instant download, so you can infuse excitement and challenge into your projects right away.

Elevate Your Projects with Precision and Realism

Our Rubik’s Cube Game 3D design is a game-changer for game developers, educators, puzzle enthusiasts, and anyone looking to add a touch of timeless fun to their creations. This highly detailed 3D model is a true-to-life representation of the Rubik’s Cube, ensuring accuracy and precision in your projects.

Why Choose Our 3D Model?

Exceptional Realism: Our design mirrors every intricate detail of the Rubik’s Cube, providing you with a lifelike visualization for your projects. Whether you’re designing interactive games or educational materials, our 3D model ensures an accurate representation of the iconic puzzle. Multiple File Formats: We understand that versatility is key when it comes to 3D modeling. That’s why we’ve included a comprehensive range of file formats in the downloadable ZIP file. You’ll find the following formats to accommodate various design software: BLEND + OBJ + FBX + STL + GLB. No matter your preferred platform, you can seamlessly integrate our 3D model into your workflow. Ease of Use: We believe in making your design process as smooth as possible. Our 3D model is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. With easy navigation and intuitive features, you can start incorporating the Rubik’s Cube into your projects without a steep learning curve. Optimized for Realistic Rendering: Whether you’re creating captivating visuals or animations, our 3D model is optimized for rendering, ensuring that your projects will stand out in presentations, marketing materials, or educational content. Educational Value: Our Rubik’s Cube Game 3D model is an invaluable resource for educational institutions. It allows students and learners to engage with the timeless puzzle concept in a hands-on, interactive way, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Unlock the Potential of Endless Entertainment

With the Rubik’s Cube Game 3D design, you have the power to unlock the full potential of timeless entertainment. Whether you’re developing exciting games, creating educational content, or sparking curiosity in your audience, our 3D model will serve as your trusted companion in bringing joy and challenge to your projects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to access a top-notch 3D representation of the Rubik’s Cube. Download our ZIP file today and start creating engaging, entertaining experiences for your audience.

Please note that this 3D model is for visualization and educational purposes and does not include functional components. For real-world gaming applications, consult game development specifications.

Join us in the quest for timeless fun and learning with the Rubik’s Cube Game 3D design. Download now and let your creativity shine!


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